• Dispatchers usually share responsibility for the exercise of operational control, which gives them authority to divert, delay or cancel a flight.
  • Flight dispatchers are legally 50% responsible for the safety of every flight they dispatch. The pilot in command of the flight holds responsibility for the other 50%. A flight dispatcher has the legal authority to refuse to dispatch a flight if safety is in any way in question, as does the pilot in command. This is known as 'Co-Authority Dispatch'.
  • Because commercial decision making in an airline can conflict with the safety of a flight, a flight dispatcher's responsibilities are kept separate from the commercial aspects of an airline's operation, and as such the profession is primarily focused on the safety of a flight; all other duties are secondary.
  • Age: Minimum 21 Years and above
  • Eligible: 10+2 (Physics and Mathematics)
  • Duration: 6 Weeks
  • Weather Theory
  • Navigation - Systems & Instruments
  • Instrument Approaches and Charting
  • Weight & Balance
  • Flight Computer & Written Flight Planning
  • FAA Regulations, ETC…
  • Flight Dispatcher
  • Chief Flight Dispatcher
  • Flight Dispatch Manager
  • Flight Supervisor
  • Chief Flight Supervisor
  • Superintendent of Flight Control