Aircraft Maintenance Engineering(AME)

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering(AME)
  • Helps avoid lost flights because of failure One of the main steps in completing this activity is the replacement of batteries and other parts that are damaged.
  • To maintain good performance The reason why there is regular maintenance is to make sure that the aircraft is going to work well every time it flies.
  • To ensure passenger safety Another reason for aircraft maintenance is to avoid accidents that can be caused by failures.
  • Helps extend the life of the aircraft And finally, an aircraft needs regular maintenance to prolong its life and to make sure that it will perform well for the expected period of time.
  • Age: 18-25 Years
  • Eligible: 10+2 (MPC Intermediate)
  • Duration: 24 Months (Training in Australia - Brisbane)
  • Effective Leadership Principles
  • Electrical Fundamentals I & II
  • Digital Techniques I & II
  • Aero plane, Aerodynamics & Flight Control Systems
  • Aero plane Structure, ETC…
  • Aerospace Research & Development
  • Aircraft Design
  • Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Defect Investigation & Defect Rectification
  • Replacement / Repair of Defective Components of an Aircraft